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LEGO 75155 Star Wars Rebel U-Wing Fighter Building Set

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Jyn is equipped with a satchel as well as a pearl silver pistol and another accessory which is reminiscent of the Z6 riot control baton in 75139 Battle on Takodana. I am not aware that she wields any such weapon in the film but will certainly be looking out for what this could be when the movie is released in December. Despite only appearing very briefly, Bistan is a fan favourite, and the figure does the character justice. I really like this figure and it’s a solid addition to any rebel alliance army, adding some variety amongst the ranks. He is also exclusive to this set adding to the desirability of owning this figure. 9/10 The engines are probably my least favourite aspect of the model. They are quite similar to the engine nacelles of T-65 X-wing Fighters which makes sense given that both vehicles are manufactured by Incom Corporation and they look great. Unfortunately, each one is only attached using two Technic pins and they feel slightly fragile as a result, although that is not to suggest that they fall off very easily.

Based on the minifig selection, this LEGO set depicts both Cassian Andor’s U-wing from the first half of the movie, which gets destroyed in a crash on Eadu, as well as the U-wings that bring in Rebel reinforcements on Scarif. The UT-60D appears to occupy a major role in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story so I am delighted to be able to confirm that this is an excellent set and I absolutely recommend purchasing it. The minifigure selection is thoroughly impressive and the U-wing is equally satisfying, with some superb play features and an exceptionally accurate design. It was also quite an interesting build, with some interesting techniques to make the fairly large vehicle quite sturdy. The minifig selection is also spot on, reflecting two key locations in the movie (Eadu and Scarif). The head is printed with a wry smile on one side and a concerned expression on the other as well as some facial hair which definitely resembles that of Diego Luna's character. Unfortunately, the facial hair is visible beneath the hair when viewed from behind, although it blends in reasonably well so does not bother me too much. The Incom UT-60D U-wing starfighter is more akin to the Republic Gunship in its role as a troop transport and close air support platform than it is to true starfighters like the X-wing and Y-wing. This is reflected in the passenger compartment with swinging doors (with stud-shooter door guns) slung under the vehicle’s main hull.


To conclude, I would recommend this set to anyone who is a fan of Star Wars in general. The set looks really good on display and the minifigure selection is perfect. You get 2 of the main cast and some pretty memorable and unique figures too, plus 4 of the included figures are exclusives. The build was enjoyable, and the play features also add to the displayability factor of the set. The engines could do with being a little larger but overall a great set. 9/10 Like most geeks, as soon as I saw the awesome spectacle of Rogue One, I just had to get some movie merch to go with it. I settled on the U-Wing fighter/transport because A) Lego is always interesting and B) It came with Cassian and Jyn. It turned out to be a great choice. I managed to snag this sweet box at a substantial discount (~20% off) and as soon as it arrived, I went to work. I was pleasantly surprised at the enormous size of this model when construction was complete. It measures 44cm in length with its wings folded forward and has a wingspan of almost 65cm when they are fully deployed, a configuration which is shown in the image below. The fifth and final bag includes the parts for four essentially identical engines. There are some surprisingly complex building techniques inside the white cowlings just to create the T-shaped engine intake cooling vanes. The U-wing pilot wears a dark blue flight suit with a standard Rebel flight helmet in a new printed design. However, it’s interesting to note that the U-wing microfighter in the 2017 Rogue One LEGO sets has a unique helmet that looks more like the pilots’ helmets in the movie. Cassian Andor looks great in his dark blue parka.

As for the figures themselves, I really like the Rebel trooper and pilot figures. Cassian is well-done but nothing special and I am not a fan of the way Jyn's poncho just kinda drapes over her shoulders (but the rest of her is well detailed). I feel like the poncho might rip at some point just because of how large the head hole is. The fifth figure is a (rebel) guy who got about 2 seconds of screentime...so an odd choice. I would have preferred an Imperial Sandtrooper or Stormtrooper for the good guys to shoot in the face repeatedly. Still, to get the two main protagonists in the same reasonably priced set is a win for me. Jyn Erso and her strike team are assisted by a group of Rebel Troopers in their mission, one of whom is included here. His helmet is brand new but its shape is familiar, recalling those worn by Rebel Fleet Troopers in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. It matches his detailed torso and leg printing perfectly, with areas of dark bluish grey, dark tan and dark green combining to form a marvellous camouflage design. I wonder whether the entire troop bay could have been removable from the underside to allow easier access. Technic beams keep it bolted firmly to the fuselage in its current state but I think a deployment function would have been useful. Overall The face prints resemble Diego Luna very well and feature both smirking and passive expressions. The Dark brown hair is quite generic but it’s the right style for the character and works well. Overall, I would say this figure is a nice version of the character, the leg printing could be executed better nowadays I imagine but for a first version of this costume it’s a strong figure. 8/10Bistan the door gunner and the Rebel ground trooper indicate the U-wing’s role during the Battle of Scarif at the end of the movie. Bistan has a unique head and wears an olive green flight suit, while the Rebel trooper has a unique helmet, olive green torso and dark tan legs. The torso and legs were reused in other sets in the wave, but they are a welcome change to the regular pilots we’re used to in their orange jumpsuits. The print has the control box on the chest as usual, but the dark blue jumpsuit makes the figure look sleeker than usual, perhaps it’s the darker colour that makes it look more realistic. This is a great figure to have just wish it had a different helmet print to make it exclusive. 7/10 LEGO 75155 Build The first bag includes Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor, and the parts build the central core of the vehicle. Like most sets larger than about 12 studs long, the central core is full of Technic beams sandwiched between plates for sturdiness. This set is easily my favorite LEGO set from Rogue One, particularly after seeing the movie. The vehicle plays an integral role in multiple scenes, its design makes complete sense, and the LEGO set’s play features are fantastic. The set doesn’t feature any side builds, it is just the U-wing, and it’s a great recreation of the onscreen ship. The U-wing captures the essence of the vehicles seen in the original trilogy, whilst still bringing something new and original to the table. The LEGO model perfectly replicates this feel. The set is in play scale so it’s a little undersized compared to the scale it should be for minifigure scale, but it is still fairly large and has all the key details which it should have.

The model itself is also really cool. I like the size (though I feel it could be a little bigger, given the figures don't quite fit in the bottom hold), and the look couldn't be better. I was also surprised a few times during the build, not realizing how many cool little features this ship holds. The minifigures are also awesome. I'm so glad I have Jyn and Cassian on my shelf now. The trailers released so far appear to suggest that the U-wing, more formally known as the UT-60D, will form an integral part of the film, ferrying the heroes between planets on their mission to acquire the Death Star plans. It may therefore prove to be the most popular of all the Rogue One sets, although that places additional pressure on 75155 Rebel U-wing Fighter to be particularly impressive. Read on to find out whether or not it lives up these high expectations... Minifigures Many vehicles in the Star Wars universe suffer from poor visibility but this is not among them. When flying a troop transport it is vital to be able to see the ground beneath you and an enormous observation window is therefore included for the pilot. This feature has not been shown in any promotional material but is referred to in the set description and it is unlike any other LEGO Star Wars set which is very pleasing. The face is a generic one we have seen multiple times before, but it works for the character. The mould for the helmet he wears was reused on the Cloud Car pilots in the 75222 Betrayal on Cloud City set but in white. In this set its in dark tan and has some dark green printing on the top. There is also some grey printing on the ear covering areas of the helmet and a small yellow logo on the side. The whole figure looks really sleek as the colours all tie into each other and the colour scheme is consistent throughout. This figure looks great alongside the other rebels from the Rogue One wave. Much like Bistan, this trooper is a great addition to the ranks of rebel troopers and adds a bit of variety to the mainstream rebel troopers we usually get. 8/10 Rogue One is one of my favourite films in the Star Wars Saga and is easily in my top 3. I recently completed my Rogue One set collection when I was able to acquire this set, LEGO 75155 Rebel U-wing Fighter. The U-wing is one of the best ship designs to come out of the Disney Era of Star Wars due to its interesting appearance and originality factor. The ship is visually like the Y-wings and X-wings we see in the original trilogy and is a sort of mix of both. There are the 4 large engine pods, much like those found on an X-wing and the main body of the craft looks similar to that of a Y-wing. The set captures the look of the onscreen craft remarkably well and the minifigure selection is fantastic too.The next play feature is the pair of spring-loaded shooters on the front of the craft. These are integrated really well as they are activated by pressing down on a pair of buttons on the nose area. If you don’t like them then you can remove them easily or just leave the bolts out. Another feature I touched upon earlier was the door gunner areas in the troop bay. There are 2 stud shooters which can be positioned to shoot out the door if positioned to do so. This is an ok play feature and does match up to what we see in the film, but I don’t like stud shooters in general, so I replaced them with better looking blaster cannons. A U-wing Pilot is included to fly the UT-60D and he is equally detailed. The dark blue flight suit is similar to that of a standard Rebel Pilot but the white flak vest is shorter and the hoses are arranged differently. I love the design of the uniform but am a little disappointed that a new head has not been used as it would have been nice to see some variety.

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